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What is Manual Testing

Manual testing is the method of manually testing software for defects without using any automated tools. The scope of Manual Testing is to identify the bugs, issues in the software application. Manual software testing is the most fundamental technique of all testing types as it helps to find critical bugs in the software application.
Manual Software Testing requires more effort but is necessary to check automation feasibility. Manual testing concepts does not require knowledge of any testing tool.

What education qualification is required to learn Manual Testing?

People from any background can learn manual testing online. Hence, irrespective of the domain one can learn manual testing. If you possess computer science or IT related education, it would be an added advantage.


Advantages of Learning Manual Testing

Low-cost operation as no software tools is used

Most of the bugs are caught by manual testing.

It is preferable for short life cycle products

Manual testing is mostly performed on all kinds of applications

Humans observe and judge better than automated tools

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Online Class Offerings

Students can choose options of courses from basic to advanced and professionals can choose by a particular module or an customised training based on individual needs.


How does Testing help in your career?

Applications are running businesses, and for detecting these bugs, manual testing is required. However, certain testing types like ad-hoc and monkey testing are preferable for manual execution.
Knowledge in manual testing helps to understand the actual purpose of testing. It also provides a practical idea about the operations of the testing the applications

Some of the preferred skill set of Manual Tester are:


Project life cycle Concepts


Knowledge of testing types


Database concepts


Ability to analyze requirements


Testing concepts


Programming languages familiarity


Test plan idea


Documentation skill

Become a Manual Tester?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TreOnn online Manual Testing Training?

TreOnn Manual Testing Training is a convenient mode of learning especially for students or working professionals, who look to take up specialization in their careers without sacrificing their jobs. The intention of doing this course is to give their career an upgrade and enhance their chances of swift promotions.

2. What is the tenure of the course?

The tenure of this complete course is for 6 months.


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Excellent very satisfied with the training more focused on the important topic of banking with application hands on. Was of explanation communication is simply amazing..

shilpa k

shilpa k

Amazing course by TreOnn. You will not find any other Institute or Company, with such an amazing course, which makes sure that you will get good Technical Knowledge.

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Ashok Bahot

Ashok Bahot

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