What is Fund Accounting

Fund Accounting is a method of segregating resources into categories (i.e., funds), to identify both the source of funds and the use of funds
It involves in following activities:

  • Recording of the investor’s activity, income earned and expenses incurred.
  •  Maintenance of the financial records of an investment fund
  • Valuation of the funds held in different investments

Fund Accounting is also defined as a method used by non-profit organisations and government for recording funds or grants received by individuals, grant authorities and other organisations.


Advantages of Fund Accounting


Government Entities: Government entities receive money from taxpayers and are required to be completely transparent about how their funds are allocated and spent.


Health care Organisations: Fund accounting helps healthcare organizations keep organized and stay focused on their services as opposed to spending all their time worried about cash flow.


Mutual Fund Accountants: Investors are increasingly looking toward mutual funds over stocks and bonds. Mutual fund accounting involves tracking the price of investment vehicles. And from there, assign the correct investment incomes to each investor and participant.


Hedge Fund Accountants: Hedge fund accountants monitor how funds are performing, and report the real value of their assets based on the market.


Non-Profit Organisations: Larger donations given to the non-profit organisations have donor restrictions, for which fund accounting is especially useful for treating those transactions.

Roles Of Fund Accounting

Recognise income and expenses on an accrual’s basis


Recognise income and expenses on an accrual’s basis


Verify accounting records to external source


Account for capital activity (subscriptions and redemptions)


Account for fund income


Process and/or monitor corporate actions


Reconcile cash and portfolio positions to custody/broker records


Calculate the Net Asset Value


Prepare investor and regulatory reporting

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