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FLEXCUBE online training

Oracle FLEXCUBE online training gives an inclusive and modular universal banking solution that enables banks to manage customer expectations.
The system leads to a bank’s center financial needs, engages information learners, and improves readiness. It makes launching new products simpler and reduces the time-to-market for the product. Flexcube gives solutions to banking abilities for client experience, innovate and differentiate across products and services, improves staff productivity, and streamline operations.

FLEXCUBE Functional Training

Functional consultants are experts in their particular area for business processors. Most functional consultants work as a business process expert and become an integral part of the system. You need a background in Commerce or Finance with PG, Diploma, or MBA to acquire the training to be a specialist from working through many different organizations on projects or secured experience in long term positions with companies or maintenance centers.

FLEXCUBE Technical Training

Flexcube Development concerns improving the features of the Flexcube core and releasing subsequent versions of the software. Flexcube Consulting pertains to implementing Flexcube at the client site. So, people at consulting have direct interaction with the client as a result have more onsite opportunities.
As a consultant, your job will be executing customizations that a client asks for and get the system running
at their site.


Advantages of Being a FLEXCUBE Consultant

Flexcube Online Training

Travel and work with International Banks

Being a Flex cube consultant you can have a chance of working overseas, and it would be a unique and an wonderful experience. It provides deeper insights into a country. More than working in the origin country you will be exposed to meet new clients and gives a new perspective on the world

Flexcube Online Training

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Our partner companies are engaged in implementation of FLEXCUBE in banks. FLEXCUBE Implementation requires both technical and functional consultants to work with the banks business and IT units. As FLEXCUBE is widely implemented world over, there is good requirement of Functional & technical consultants with domain knowledge / banking experience.

Flexcube Online Training

Financial Growth

In this banking domain you gain to earn and grow more based on the designation, the projects and also when travelling overseas to the client location. There would be a fast growth in the career as well as your earnings. The opportunity of fast growth in the current market is in becoming a flexcube consultant.

Flexcube Online Training

Personality and Communication

Personality and communications is utmost important when you are a Flexcube consultant the first reason is you can Understand yourself better. … And can Communicate with clarity and confidence with the clients. … Project a confident and enthusiastic demeanour. …Learn how to keep yourself motivated and become self-reliant.
Learn to focus on and processon the new customizations.

Become a Flexcube Consultant

What Is Core Banking?

Core banking refers to a centralized system established by a bank which allows its customers to conduct their business irrespective of the bank’s branch. Thus, it removes the impediments of geo-specific transactions. In fact, CORE is an acronym for “Centralized Online Real-time Exchange”, thus the bank’s branches can access applications from centralized data centres.
Today Banking as a business has grown tremendously and transformed itself from only a deposits taking and loan providing system to an institution which provides an entire gamut of products and services under a wide umbrella. All such activities commenced by a bank are called Core Banking.

Flexcube Online Training Courses
Flexcube Online Training

Oracle FLEXCUBE Why Preferred By Banks

  • Drives enhanced customer engagement and value with next-generation digital capabilities and user experiences
  • Improves insight generation and enhances straight-through processing with intelligent decision-making and automation using technologies like machine learning and natural language processing
  • Enables rapid and secure integration and collaboration with third-party firms and ecosystems through externalized business services and an open architecture
  • Offers multiple transformation paths with best-in-class, off-the-shelf capabilities and reintegrated components for progressive transformation
  • Supports multiple deployment options across on premises and cloud and multiple deployment models

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There are moments that pull everything we’ve learned into focus. when theory, practice, experience & talent all come to one sharp point— a decision that shapes a definitive path. 

Flexcube Online Training

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

Students can choose options of courses from basic to advanced and professionals can choose by a particular module or an customised training based on individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TreOnn online FLEXCUBE program?

TreOnn FLEXCUBE is a convenient mode of learning especially for students or working professionals, who look to take up specialization in their careers without sacrificing their jobs. The intention of doing this course is to give their career an upgrade and enhance their chances of swift promotions.

2. What is the difference between TreOnn Online FLEXCUBE and Distance Training?

The basic difference is that in TreOnn online FLEXCUBE, the lectures are imparted through live video conferencing session by industry experts followed by notes can be carried in pen drives and recordings of lectures. The students get to enhance their practical knowledge by working on real time projects. It provides a great opportunity for right exposure with credible knowledge about the industry, knowing the live scenario, create an impactful learning, become aware about real time problems & how to deal with them efficiently, enhance skill sets & get an edge in career growth.

3. Why should I do TreOnn online FLEXCUBE instead of Executive or full time Training?

TreOnn Online FLEXCUBE, like Executive or full-time Training programs, offer a clear way to build a fantastic network & advance career with a credential recognized across industries at a minimal cost & faster ROI Coupled with the fact that you don’t need to quit their job and lose their salary.

4. Why should I take up this course with TreOnn?

TreOnn offers exclusive online FLEXCUBE
courses for professionals who want to expand their knowledge base or start a career in this field. There are many reasons for choosing TreOnn:

  • Immersive online instructor-led sessions
  • online live classes
  • Real-time exercises, assignments, internship & projects
  • 24/7 learning support
  • Large community of like-minded learners
  • Industry-recognized Trempplin badge
  • Pocket Friendly

5. What is the tenure of the course?

The tenure of this complete course is for 6 months.

6. Can I get placement assistance along with this course?

Trempplin actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. For this, we are exclusively tied-up with MNCs and Banks from around the world.

7. What is the value of course completion Certificate?

Upon completion of Trempplin’s FLEXCUBE program, working on real-world projects candidates will be awarded Trempplin’s course completion certificate that is well recognized in organizations around the world.


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TreOnn is the best place for Oracle FLEXCUBE training and onsite project opportunities. Very good place to start your career and grow up in the banking &IT Industry.

Saravanan Senthilkumar

Excellent very satisfied with the training more focused on the important topic of banking with application hands on. Was of explanation communication is simply amazing..

shilpa k

Amazing course by TreOnn, truly an On-Job Training, in essence. You will not find any other Institute or Company, with such an amazing course, which makes sure that you will get job for sure

Ashok Bahot

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