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FLEXCUBE Corporate Training

FLEXCUBE Corporate Training

Oracle FLEXCUBE corporate online training offers a seamless centralized and flexible solution that meets these new age requirements of the bank. Oracle flexcube architecture offers the capability to have origination triggered from any banking channel used by the customer.

Course Highlights

48 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions
Personalized one-on-one guidance by experienced industry experts.
80 Hours of Assignments and Multiple-Choice Questions
Test your subject matter comprehension with assignments and multiple-choice assessment questions.




To learn Flexcube Corporate banking, the Candidate must have a background in Commerce, Banking, Finance Domain and Engineering Students  BE/BTech – Computer Science,  Information Science, Electronics and Communication

For Working Professionals – Individuals who are currently working in the banking sector/IT or any individual who wants to UpSkill their career.


Advantages of  FLEXCUBE Corporate Training

Upskill your career

Multiple Training Models like E-learning, self-paced, corporate training

Guidance to professionals about upcoming courses and latest changes in the technology

Backup sessions and query hours from trainers

Assistance in job support

Become a Flexcube Consultant

Flexcube Online Training

Oracle FLEXCUBE Why Preferred By Banks

  • Drives enhanced customer engagement and value with next-generation digital capabilities and user experiences
  • Improves insight generation and enhances straight-through processing with intelligent decision-making and automation using technologies like machine learning and natural language processing
  • Enables rapid and secure integration and collaboration with third-party firms and ecosystems through externalized business services and an open architecture
  • Offers multiple transformation paths with best-in-class, off-the-shelf capabilities and reintegrated components for progressive transformation
  • Supports multiple deployment options across on premises and cloud and multiple deployment models

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There are moments that pull everything we’ve learned into focus. when theory, practice, experience & talent all come to one sharp point— a decision that shapes a definitive path. 

Flexcube Online Training

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

Students can choose options of courses from basic to advanced and professionals can choose by a particular module or an customised training based on individual needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Corporate Banking?

Corporate banking is a subset of business banking that involves a range of banking services that are offered only to corporates. The services include the provision of credit, cash management facilities, etc.

2. Characteristics of Corporate Banking

1. Clientele

A bank’s business banking unit usually serves small to middle-sized businesses and large conglomerates.

2. Authority

A company’s corporate banking accounts can only be opened after obtaining consensus from the board of directors of the company. It means that they must be authorized by an official vote or a corporate resolution. The company’s treasurer usually opens corporate accounts. 

3. Liability

Since companies are recognized as separate legal entities under the law, all contents of corporate accounts are the property of the company and not of the individual board members. It means that there is a certain degree of independence to corporate accounts. It also indicates that the personal creditors of the board of directors are not entitled to the contents of the corporate account of a company.

3. Why should I choose to learn corporate banking?

Corporate banking requires a degree of expertise in the industry. Thus, corporate bankers are extremely well paid. The course at TreOnn will hone your skills and prepare you for the job as well


It’s been a month I joined TreOnn and I’m glad I decided to get my training here. I attribute this to the attitude which starts at the top and makes every employee feel important. I’m amazed at the opportunities and looking forward to growing technically, creatively, and personally here.


TreOnn is truly a family environment that is encouraging, challenging, and fun! It also is great that people from different countries who work here are friendly and easy going. The thing I loved most in this company is that we are free to explore new things and the management listens to the employees.


We have been working with specializations in implementing corporate training and certifications on Flexcube Corporate Training available globally. If anyone likes to grow up easily with their career, then TreOnn is the platform for you. They have the best trainers and offer knowledge to increasing day by day if you are eager to learn then you will enjoy being here.


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