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Oracle FLEXCUBE is a preconfigured, interoperable, and scalable core banking solution enabling banks to standardize operations across multiple countries, transform their operations, and address diverse business requirements. The system helps banks drive higher revenues, lower costs, and improve service times and convenience.

Oracle FLEXCUBE provides extensive functional capabilities across multiple channels of business and banking segments, including retail, corporate, transactions, business, microfinance, Islamic banking, and central banks. It helps new business capabilities, functionalities, regulatory compliance, and country-specific localizations, as well as multiple currencies, languages, entities, channels, devices, and vendor operations. It has numerous APIs, and business services enable banks to open up data and services to third-party firms to stimulate new ways to collaborate and build revenue streams in the age of Open Banking.

Oracle FLEXCUBE offers the right mix of digital self-service and served engagement capabilities, coupled with robust product processing functionalities that enable banks to drive enhanced customer experiences. Oracle FLEXCUBE supplies bankers with new insights, predictions, and capabilities to personalize assisted engagement while automating and streamlining routine processes.


About TreOnn:

Oracle FLEXCUBE training at TreOnn offers a seamless and centralized solution that meets new age requirements of the bank. Our team at TreOnn is highly skilled at Oracle FLEXCUBE corporate training offers students, freshers and professionals from any domain to give end-to-end support. TreOnn launched by Trempplin, a global leader in IT training believes exceptional quality through facilitators who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and are empowering others to do the same. With the help of our Flexcube core banking training, you can build up your career. We offer flexible time slots for freshers and students.

Apart from expertise accumulated over the years with Trempplin, the novelty TreOnn, holds unique advantages with end-to-end banking with authenticity and quality.

Why should you choose TreOnn?

Get college- and career-ready with us. As a student, you can get free access to a wealth of computer science learning resources.
Computing knowledge and skills open doors to a wide variety of careers across industries. We help you prepare for success with hands-on computing experience and real-world tech skills.

  • Get real-world experience with industry-leading software and applications.
  • Learn Java and database skills, and get hands-on practice in Flexcube on Cloud.
  • Enjoy a competitive career advantage, recognized industry-wide.

As TreOnn’s, the instructional program advances in core banking solutions in education around the world to increase knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields.

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Get trained by best Industry experts


Multiple training models like e-learning, flexcube core banking training


Proper guidance to freshers and professionals about upcoming courses and changes in technology


Free demonstrations


Guaranteed job support


We have the unmatched ability, network and group of “best-in-class” with job oriented courses online with trainers to provide consistent and uniform training


How can learning Flexcube, help in shaping your career?


Grow Your Career

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Your growth is our priority. Take your career to the next level with world-class training opportunities.

  • In-house talent advisors can connect you with new opportunities that advance your career.
  • Our specialized career support helps you define your career aspirations, research development plans and achieve your professional goals.
  • Oracle’s Cloud facilitates career conversations, planning, and visibility to new opportunities.
  • Employers hiring banking consultants prefer candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, accounting, or engineering a similar field of study. Many employers also seek professionals who have past banking industry experience.
  • We offer training in Flexcube (Functional & Technical): Technical Consultant job is to develop forms and reports based on the functional requirement (Business Requirement) whereas; Functional Consultant job is to study the client business process to map the same into Oracle Application and to identify the GAPs in the business processes (which cannot be mapped to Oracle Apps)
  • Techno-Functional: A person who can do both the above jobs

As part of our dedication to employee success, we provide supervisors with the tools and resources to help you understand your strengths and development needs. If you have the drive and ambition to grow, your manager/consultants can help you build the skills you need to get there.


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